NEION Film Coatings Corp.All-round manufacturer of PSA-films & Coating Technology, NICHIEI SHINKA as "NEION Film Coatings Corporation".

  1. 粘着フィルム・コーティング技術の日榮新化株式会社
  2. NEION Film Coatings Corp.


REMOVAL NOTICE "Nichiei Kakoh (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd." moved to May 6,2020
Dear Customers,
Thank you very much for your supporting to us all the time.
our office will be relocated to the following new address :

"Nichiei Kakoh (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd." New Address:
Room1702-1703, Zhenfeng Building, No.89 Keelung Road, Pudong New Area,Shanghai,200137,China

Our telephone and fax number will remain unchanged
Tel: 021-58685021
Fax: 021-58685019
Thank you for your kind attention.
Our website has been revamped.
Thank you for visiting our website. Our website has just been revamped. We hope you will continue to visit our website.